Watercolour landscapes

My favourite subject i like to create in watercolour is landscapes. What inpsiresmeto paint landscape tends to be colours and the composition ofobects within the landscape. Here are a few of my favourite landscapes i have painted:


Malham Cove, watercolour

What inspired me to paint this area of Malham Cove is the bright greens in contrast to  the grey stones of the cove as well as the various elements of nature; the trees, the grass, the stones and water.

scans 001

Bolsover Castle, watercolour


The arch creating a perspective leading to the landscape through the gateway interested me as well the bold colours of red and blue against the browns.


Forest, watercolour

What drawn me to this landscape was the sunlight peeking between the trees and the vibrancy of the greenery.

night sky

Nightsky, watcercolour

This is a painting that i painted freely, there was no landscape that i used as a reference this painting was a challenge i create dfor myself to experiment with perspective so i made black trees to emphasise the perspective and added a colourful galaxy style backdropto make the trees stand out.


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I’m back

After graduating in November i have since been busy setting up a Etsy shop where i will be selling different kinds of artwork. After a hectic Christmas break i feel like i now have some time to carry on with this blog even though its not uni work i still think its relevent to me and my art work. I had to do research with working with polymer clay such as attaching eye pins to the clay to make jewelry, what is the best paint to use etc, all which was learning as i went to make my items the best they can be.

Link below to have a look at my shop:


Also i am now on Instagram which will be a mixture of Etsy work and everyday things: https://www.instagram.com/fransartdesign/

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Displaying for assessment



The above photos are different layout that i tried out as to presenting my final pieces


However after talking to all of my tutors they agreed that it might be best to have one or two best illustrations and only display them, then it was to which size A3 or A2.


Finally it was decided that i would display one of my illustrations printed at A1 on matte paper and the present all of my sketchbook work in a portfolio, this was so advised to try and get as much marks as possible after being ill and also to show how my work has progressed.

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Pop-up book making

End of November i signed up to attend a session of how to make a pop-up book with artist Elina Rantasuo. i found the session really fun however it was more for people who know the basics of how to create a pop-up book it wasn’t a demostration of how to make po-ups it was used to show different types of pop-ups.

From the two day session everyone from the group had made there own pop-up book, we were advised to make the book related to our project work. At that time i didn’t know what exactly what to do for the project so i chose to do the book with the theme of a woodland and as a happy coincidence that if i think about it the book could link with my work in the way that theres a woodland setting in one of my final illustrations when the reader is introduced to the Snow Queen, therefore i think this book can relate to my project.


Snow Queen

To make the book i used strong card for the book cover and fabric to make the book spine stronger and so it wouldn’t come apart. I used ink to free hand draw the illustrations and  i created small paper stamps to transfer black leaf designs for the background.


Front cover


Back cover











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The research that i have done for this project was mainly from my essay, the essay was about representation and how other artists create their book illustrations specifically fairytale illustrations so it had linked in with my own work because i had chosen a fairytale story and it allowed me to learn how to use representation in my work as well as understanding semiotics which helped a lot.

Exploring and identifying representation in illustration (long essay)

Link to essay above.

Other research i have done is looking at examples of book illustrations from websites such as http://www.foliosociety.com/ and https://www.penguin.co.uk/ this was to see other peoples work book cover illustrations as well as inside illustrations.

I found some illustrations that was similar tomy linear style and others were totally opposite and were all digital based like digital painting which i liked but knew i will probably not be able to do illustrations like that my style is traditional based with minor digital elements if needed.

Below is exmaples of the type of work i was looking at mainly because they have a similar style of my own work so i used these images as pointers of  how to do fairytale like illustrations. Like i said before my essay was my main outcome of research all the research i did for my essay links in with my project and my work. Research that i have done can be found in the references in the essay.

List of research references

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Examples from website research

Caitlin Hackett


Danuta Mayer


Niroot Puttapipat

Tim Stevens


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Final illustrations

Below are the final illustrations i have done some have colour others are just black and white. This is to show that my work is a work in progress because of the amount of time ihave been absent from uni and being ill so the way the illustrations seem both detailed but unfinished suggests this.


Crows bowing to prince and princess




Original hand drawn image of observational drawing in Whitby. This was then traced and edited to be the next image.


cityscape before altered in Illustrator



Scan 1



House & garden


The Snow Queen

 I am pleased with how these have turned out. I prefer the black and white images just because you can see the details better then if theres colour to distract from the detailing.

All of the finals have been done digitally. The process was hand drawn images scanned and then traced in Illustrator and finally edited in Photshop such as neaten lines and inserting backgrounds.

Sadly, my claim for an Extenuating Circumstance was not approved which i was disappointed with because i have not been able to catch up with my studies and i feel i have not done the right amount of to get a high mark. Also my original plan was if i was given the EC i was going to do much more illustrations and hand make a book with the original story so the illustrations are in a book situe. But i have to think positively about the situation, tutors who have seen my A1 final piece have liked it and have suggested ideas of how to expand on my piece to be a exhibition piece such as projecting an image on the wall and use the projection to paint directly on the wall which i like the idea of but i have never tried that technique so if i do that idea i will worry about messing it up.

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Progress of work


Start of a cityscape


Final outcome using Adobe Illustrator


Illustration which is my exhibition piece hand drawn and finished inIllustrator

These are illustrations i have donefor the story, some i ampleased with others i am not such as the boy on the sleigh i am not good at drawing people from imagination i can only draw people in a still life situation so perhaps i should have used a model but i was on a time schedule.


This is another piece that i was not pleased with the outcome it looked better wheni imagined it in my head but it did not turn out good i wanted it to look like the mirror has fallen from the sky and smashed on the floor. i tried to capture  the falling mirror by using erasure which i think looks alright but as a whole the illustration does not.

These are extra illustrations i have done to add has backgrounds i also redid the garden image.


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