Final illustrations

Below are the final illustrations i have done some have colour others are just black and white. This is to show that my work is a work in progress because of the amount of time ihave been absent from uni and being ill so the way the illustrations seem both detailed but unfinished suggests this.


Crows bowing to prince and princess




Original hand drawn image of observational drawing in Whitby. This was then traced and edited to be the next image.


cityscape before altered in Illustrator



Scan 1



House & garden


The Snow Queen

 I am pleased with how these have turned out. I prefer the black and white images just because you can see the details better then if theres colour to distract from the detailing.

All of the finals have been done digitally. The process was hand drawn images scanned and then traced in Illustrator and finally edited in Photshop such as neaten lines and inserting backgrounds.

Sadly, my claim for an Extenuating Circumstance was not approved which i was disappointed with because i have not been able to catch up with my studies and i feel i have not done the right amount of to get a high mark. Also my original plan was if i was given the EC i was going to do much more illustrations and hand make a book with the original story so the illustrations are in a book situe. But i have to think positively about the situation, tutors who have seen my A1 final piece have liked it and have suggested ideas of how to expand on my piece to be a exhibition piece such as projecting an image on the wall and use the projection to paint directly on the wall which i like the idea of but i have never tried that technique so if i do that idea i will worry about messing it up.

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