Research for project

As part of research for the final major project i went to Cartright Hall where the were exhibiting art by local artists.



This got my eye not only because of the sketch like style but because of the theme of was and conflict it dipicts. I think the style is interesting because even though it consists of quick black lines you can still make out the setting and the people the artist is trying to portray.

This painting got my attention mainly because of the detailing it has, from a distance there seems to be blocks of colour however when you look up close you can see each bruch stroke the artist have done.

The style of this artwork is similar to my way of working when i use watercolour and pen. it looks simple from a far yet up close you can see all of the linear aspects which make upthe detail of the painting.

With these two pieces i was fascinated in the way the artists have captured the detailing with the etching technique because i know from experience that it is relatively hard to do.

I like the simplicity of these pieces, with the combination of drawingand string the artist has managed to depict what an artist sees and the technique they sometimes uses to create work.



The two images above are pieces that i found interesting was the way they used negative space with the white space creating a highlighting effect inthe images. I also like the crosshatching Henry Prosper have used, the technique has created mid tones as well as highlights and shadows.


Michelle Mansour, Figure Study III, Ink

This image consists of scratching off the ink to create a form of a figure. This is more likely to be from a life drawing study. Even though the lines are quick and sketchy it is still possible for a viewer to see a figure in the image.

The visit to the art exhibition was really interesting it certainly made me think about my own project as to what materials i could use and techniques as well as how to possibly present my final major project in an exhibition.

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