Work process

After starting out with the book cover illustration idea i had i started designing a cover for lord of the rings however after a tutorial it was suggested to chose one book and create illustrations based on the book. So i chose Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. I began by rereading the story chapter by chapter and draw what i saw in my head what the setting and characters would look like, they only problem with this was i was creating the illustrations as if they were going to be the final version and i was on limited time so i changed my process so that for each chapter i would make at least three quick sketches of illustrations of what i thought could be used in the story and chose one sketch from each chapter to finalise.



This process method allowed me to save time and spend more time with the digital aspects of the illustrations because i wanted to have digital elements in the illustrations to make them look more professional and high quality.

These are the ideas that i had for book cover illustration and live brief before i changed it to book illustration.

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