Work process

After starting out with the book cover illustration idea i had i started designing a cover for lord of the rings however after a tutorial it was suggested to chose one book and create illustrations based on the book. So i chose Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’. I began by rereading the story chapter by chapter and draw what i saw in my head what the setting and characters would look like, they only problem with this was i was creating the illustrations as if they were going to be the final version and i was on limited time so i changed my process so that for each chapter i would make at least three quick sketches of illustrations of what i thought could be used in the story and chose one sketch from each chapter to finalise.



This process method allowed me to save time and spend more time with the digital aspects of the illustrations because i wanted to have digital elements in the illustrations to make them look more professional and high quality.

These are the ideas that i had for book cover illustration and live brief before i changed it to book illustration.

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Research for project

As part of research for the final major project i went to Cartright Hall where the were exhibiting art by local artists.



This got my eye not only because of the sketch like style but because of the theme of was and conflict it dipicts. I think the style is interesting because even though it consists of quick black lines you can still make out the setting and the people the artist is trying to portray.

This painting got my attention mainly because of the detailing it has, from a distance there seems to be blocks of colour however when you look up close you can see each bruch stroke the artist have done.

The style of this artwork is similar to my way of working when i use watercolour and pen. it looks simple from a far yet up close you can see all of the linear aspects which make upthe detail of the painting.

With these two pieces i was fascinated in the way the artists have captured the detailing with the etching technique because i know from experience that it is relatively hard to do.

I like the simplicity of these pieces, with the combination of drawingand string the artist has managed to depict what an artist sees and the technique they sometimes uses to create work.



The two images above are pieces that i found interesting was the way they used negative space with the white space creating a highlighting effect inthe images. I also like the crosshatching Henry Prosper have used, the technique has created mid tones as well as highlights and shadows.


Michelle Mansour, Figure Study III, Ink

This image consists of scratching off the ink to create a form of a figure. This is more likely to be from a life drawing study. Even though the lines are quick and sketchy it is still possible for a viewer to see a figure in the image.

The visit to the art exhibition was really interesting it certainly made me think about my own project as to what materials i could use and techniques as well as how to possibly present my final major project in an exhibition.

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Major project presentation

My powerpoint was very sparce mainly because i am still behind on my studies so i had little amount of work to present however i was able to show work in progress and work i have nearly finished.

The feedback i got from the presentation was about what to do for a exhibition piece because i wanted to create a book of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen however with less then three weeks to go until the exhibition i was warned that it might not be possible to do that solely on the amount of work i would have to do in limited amout of time so there was a discussion about what i could submit for an exhibition piece such as illustrations that focused on places that are represented in the story, my line drawings of a cityscape was said to be one of the best illustrations because of the style which i agree so i possibly could do the illustrations in that style perhaps add a small amount of colour that links back to my previous idea for the project of focusing on line and colour where i added colour to the drawings that caught my eye and made me draw that image.

One of the main concerns was what support i was getting for my studies, an extension was discussed in the previous weeks but after talking to the acting course leader a EC (extenuating circumstance) was advised so i am currently getting a doctors note requested by the university to say that i had on going issues and recoverying etc. The issue that was brought up in the feedback was if i am wanting to carry on with my studies to try and graduate in July or that i graduate in November; i am unsure at this point because i am not sure how the EC process works so i can not tell for certain what i will be doing at this point, if i am not able to submit all of my illustrations for the exhibition then i will not be able to complete all work by then because it is the deadline for both exhibition and project.

SO my next course of action is to talk to Advice Centre about the process of an EC, alter illusyrations so they are linear with selceted colour and figure out what to do for a exhibition piece/how to present my work

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Final year Theory Module – introduction to the presentation 11th march

Lecture notes

Module requirements

  • presentation is an intregal part of theory module
  • 2 elements & essay contributes to overall 40 credits

Presentation is a verbal exercise, expected to use visual slides as part of assessment

Presentation should last for 20 minutes

Specific content will be given (what to expect)

Presentation anxiety

What are the first things that spring to mind when you think of the term ‘presentation’?

  • panic
  • worry over small issues
  • who are the audience (be easier if its someone who already know; should be tutors)
  • nervous
  • not being confident enough to do presentation
  • what is the subject – will be more enthusiastic if its about own work

What have your experiences of giving presentations been like in the past – what worries you about this process?

  • read from notes not sentences because then it will seem boring reading from a script
  • need to have visual aids to get idea across
  • worry over about being judged negativly
  • will i stutter because of nerves and panic (say erm a lot)
  • not being able to express myself in a positive way (appear to be confident)
  • if rehearsed too much if audience asks a question could be put off or distracted, forget what i am saying

A presention is showcasing a topic

The term ‘process’ is key, share ideas – you will be talking about own work (mo right or wrong)

anxiety comes from frear of talking infront of a large audience

Know your audience

artists are much more accustomed to presenting; tutorials, crits, test bed

What knowing your audience will mean for you on this occassion?

  • if it is a personal tutor they already know small details of your work however, if not they could be fresh eyes – try not to bore them with what they already know, add something or idea they didn’t know (contextual knowledge to back up idea)
  • presentation would be easier if already know the person

What will it mean that you should concentrate on drafting your presentation?

  • what to talk about – what has influenced your work
  • how long is the powerpoint, need to plan & practice to be at correct time
  • process of work, fails, all work to show process

Overall i feel uneasy about doing this presention, i have always hated doing presentations because i am a nervous wreck when it comes to talking in front of a big group of people. However, we have been told that there will be three tutors the most acting as the audience and the tutors will be from the course so i know them already so  the thought of that calms me down a little bit but i will probably still panic in the presentation.

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Professional practice: session 4 (Friday 19th Feb)

Reflection: what is Economic experience?

An experience add value of a product, people will pay more for an experience rather than the product.

Examples of economic experience

  • Frankie & Benny’s – pay more for the experience of being in a place of a Italian American setting suggested through the music that is played in the background, American diner seating and workers uniform as well as pay more for experience of food from a different culture
  • Costa coffee – proceeds go to farmers who grow the coffee beans; customers feel like they are helping other people who are in need
  • 4D golf – rather than playing orginal golf people are able to play golf with 3D effects as well as sound and air effects.
  • Subway – people are able to watch their food being made which they are unable to do else where
  • Handmade/crafted products – people can buy personalised products with a persons name or personlised message on the product
  • Nostaligic experience – people like to buy a product that reminds them of a memory such as a childhood toy

Code of practice

*principles that underpin good practice

  •  Contribute confidently

– engage wit hthe development of ideas and solving problems

-challenge stereotypes and assumptions

-being generous with knowledge and skills

-knowing their worth

  • Prepare thoroughly

– find out about whom and how they will be working

-research; context, legislative implications, local environment concerns, potential impact and intersts of partners and colleagues

  • Collabrative creatively

– by establishing mutual respect and recognition though indentifying shared goals, encouraging the views of others, welcoming open and informed discussion, valuing complementary skills and cooperating in achieving a vision without losing sight of their own identity and integrity

  • Aim high

-aspire to ring quality to everything they do whether presetning ideas, managing professional relationships or producing the work

*The Code of practice for the visual arts for organisations (book)


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Professional practice: Creative industries

Creative Industries (C I):

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • crafts
  • design: product, graphic, fashion
  • film, tv, video, radio, photography
  • IT, software, computing
  • publishing
  • museums, galleries, libraries
  • Performing arts  & music

Creative jobs increased  5.5% since 2013, C I provided 1,808,000 jobs across UK

Experience Economy, what is it?

people looking for more than something to eat/drink, sleep, general safety [hierachy of neeeds]

this something more has become a search for experiences i.e. bulb in America 307+ million of electricity accessible in 90%+ households yet the candle industry is worth 2 billion dollars a year. How could this be? bulb is a source of light brighter than a candle. however a candle can be use for ther situations i.e candle lit nxt to a bath, scented candles.

the theory is experiences can add increased value to products as people will pay more for an experience rather than for the product i.e Coffee bean->grounded coffee in a jar/packet->cups of coffee from cafes->coffee from starbucks/costa including whipped cream and flavoured sauce

  • evolution of the birthday cake
  1. buy ingredients to make the cake
  2. buy ingrdients that are all most ready to make, premixed ingredients
  3. buy a cake from the bakery
  4. instead of making cake and throwing a party, parents would pay more to use a venue for a party to have a memorable experience and sometimes the cake is included for free
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Professional practice

swimming pool theory relating to professional practice

Steps – follow steps(apply to job, interview)

Toe  dipping – trying it first

Dive in – do research then diving in

rushing in  – make sure you don’t miss an opportunity

*AOI – Association Of Illustrators


Task: need to do artist portfolio with images & statement (about you) deadline will be announced (towards the end of 6 week sessions). Can be formed in Word and saved as PDF instead of signing up for membership from any of the two websites. Use AOI or Axis as a template; use headings

My values

  • own work have to be original/ authentic (not to copy other artists work)
  • creativity
  • dignity
  • individuality
  • fairness
  • professionalism
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