Major project presentation

My powerpoint was very sparce mainly because i am still behind on my studies so i had little amount of work to present however i was able to show work in progress and work i have nearly finished.

The feedback i got from the presentation was about what to do for a exhibition piece because i wanted to create a book of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen however with less then three weeks to go until the exhibition i was warned that it might not be possible to do that solely on the amount of work i would have to do in limited amout of time so there was a discussion about what i could submit for an exhibition piece such as illustrations that focused on places that are represented in the story, my line drawings of a cityscape was said to be one of the best illustrations because of the style which i agree so i possibly could do the illustrations in that style perhaps add a small amount of colour that links back to my previous idea for the project of focusing on line and colour where i added colour to the drawings that caught my eye and made me draw that image.

One of the main concerns was what support i was getting for my studies, an extension was discussed in the previous weeks but after talking to the acting course leader a EC (extenuating circumstance) was advised so i am currently getting a doctors note requested by the university to say that i had on going issues and recoverying etc. The issue that was brought up in the feedback was if i am wanting to carry on with my studies to try and graduate in July or that i graduate in November; i am unsure at this point because i am not sure how the EC process works so i can not tell for certain what i will be doing at this point, if i am not able to submit all of my illustrations for the exhibition then i will not be able to complete all work by then because it is the deadline for both exhibition and project.

SO my next course of action is to talk to Advice Centre about the process of an EC, alter illusyrations so they are linear with selceted colour and figure out what to do for a exhibition piece/how to present my work

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