Pop-up book making

End of November i signed up to attend a session of how to make a pop-up book with artist Elina Rantasuo. i found the session really fun however it was more for people who know the basics of how to create a pop-up book it wasn’t a demostration of how to make po-ups it was used to show different types of pop-ups.

From the two day session everyone from the group had made there own pop-up book, we were advised to make the book related to our project work. At that time i didn’t know what exactly what to do for the project so i chose to do the book with the theme of a woodland and as a happy coincidence that if i think about it the book could link with my work in the way that theres a woodland setting in one of my final illustrations when the reader is introduced to the Snow Queen, therefore i think this book can relate to my project.


Snow Queen

To make the book i used strong card for the book cover and fabric to make the book spine stronger and so it wouldn’t come apart. I used ink to free hand draw the illustrations and  i created small paper stamps to transfer black leaf designs for the background.


Front cover


Back cover











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