Watercolour landscapes

My favourite subject i like to create in watercolour is landscapes. What inpsiresmeto paint landscape tends to be colours and the composition ofobects within the landscape. Here are a few of my favourite landscapes i have painted:


Malham Cove, watercolour

What inspired me to paint this area of Malham Cove is the bright greens in contrast to  the grey stones of the cove as well as the various elements of nature; the trees, the grass, the stones and water.

scans 001

Bolsover Castle, watercolour


The arch creating a perspective leading to the landscape through the gateway interested me as well the bold colours of red and blue against the browns.


Forest, watercolour

What drawn me to this landscape was the sunlight peeking between the trees and the vibrancy of the greenery.

night sky

Nightsky, watcercolour

This is a painting that i painted freely, there was no landscape that i used as a reference this painting was a challenge i create dfor myself to experiment with perspective so i made black trees to emphasise the perspective and added a colourful galaxy style backdropto make the trees stand out.


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