Final year Theory Module – introduction to the presentation 11th march

Lecture notes

Module requirements

  • presentation is an intregal part of theory module
  • 2 elements & essay contributes to overall 40 credits

Presentation is a verbal exercise, expected to use visual slides as part of assessment

Presentation should last for 20 minutes

Specific content will be given (what to expect)

Presentation anxiety

What are the first things that spring to mind when you think of the term ‘presentation’?

  • panic
  • worry over small issues
  • who are the audience (be easier if its someone who already know; should be tutors)
  • nervous
  • not being confident enough to do presentation
  • what is the subject – will be more enthusiastic if its about own work

What have your experiences of giving presentations been like in the past – what worries you about this process?

  • read from notes not sentences because then it will seem boring reading from a script
  • need to have visual aids to get idea across
  • worry over about being judged negativly
  • will i stutter because of nerves and panic (say erm a lot)
  • not being able to express myself in a positive way (appear to be confident)
  • if rehearsed too much if audience asks a question could be put off or distracted, forget what i am saying

A presention is showcasing a topic

The term ‘process’ is key, share ideas – you will be talking about own work (mo right or wrong)

anxiety comes from frear of talking infront of a large audience

Know your audience

artists are much more accustomed to presenting; tutorials, crits, test bed

What knowing your audience will mean for you on this occassion?

  • if it is a personal tutor they already know small details of your work however, if not they could be fresh eyes – try not to bore them with what they already know, add something or idea they didn’t know (contextual knowledge to back up idea)
  • presentation would be easier if already know the person

What will it mean that you should concentrate on drafting your presentation?

  • what to talk about – what has influenced your work
  • how long is the powerpoint, need to plan & practice to be at correct time
  • process of work, fails, all work to show process

Overall i feel uneasy about doing this presention, i have always hated doing presentations because i am a nervous wreck when it comes to talking in front of a big group of people. However, we have been told that there will be three tutors the most acting as the audience and the tutors will be from the course so i know them already so  the thought of that calms me down a little bit but i will probably still panic in the presentation.

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