Research & Development 17th Nov’15

How do you document your work?

  • blog
  • notebook
  • sketchbooks
  • sheets of paper
  • photographs (photos of what you have done weekly)

How are you reflective?

  • how do you reflect? Is it successful?
  • how often do you update blog?
  • what if good reflecting?

(tend to forget to update blog due to being busy with practice)

What is result in your work?

  • work is successful
  • conclusion of somekind (could be negative, where to improve)
  • How do you measure your result?

Blog – how is it used

  • who is your audience?/are you talking to someone as you are writing? (someone outside of university or tutors)
  • does what you write make sense to someone else?
  • use the blog to go back, see where you were/are?
  • update often?
  • expect to see narrative of work, tell story of what you went through, end result?
  • do you be honest or edit posts (being self coscience because you know it will be marked)?
  • make notes in notebook then add notes to blog?
  • reflective post – do i try this? what do i need to do next?
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