Professional practice: Creative industries

Creative Industries (C I):

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • crafts
  • design: product, graphic, fashion
  • film, tv, video, radio, photography
  • IT, software, computing
  • publishing
  • museums, galleries, libraries
  • Performing arts  & music

Creative jobs increased  5.5% since 2013, C I provided 1,808,000 jobs across UK

Experience Economy, what is it?

people looking for more than something to eat/drink, sleep, general safety [hierachy of neeeds]

this something more has become a search for experiences i.e. bulb in America 307+ million of electricity accessible in 90%+ households yet the candle industry is worth 2 billion dollars a year. How could this be? bulb is a source of light brighter than a candle. however a candle can be use for ther situations i.e candle lit nxt to a bath, scented candles.

the theory is experiences can add increased value to products as people will pay more for an experience rather than for the product i.e Coffee bean->grounded coffee in a jar/packet->cups of coffee from cafes->coffee from starbucks/costa including whipped cream and flavoured sauce

  • evolution of the birthday cake
  1. buy ingredients to make the cake
  2. buy ingrdients that are all most ready to make, premixed ingredients
  3. buy a cake from the bakery
  4. instead of making cake and throwing a party, parents would pay more to use a venue for a party to have a memorable experience and sometimes the cake is included for free
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