Acedemic writing style and referencing 27th Nov & 4th Dec ’15

Acedemic writing

  • avoid opinionated writing – back up points
  • avoid first person writing (i, me) apart from writing about own writing and conclusion
  • avoid contractions (didn’t, hasn’t, it’s)
  • use references – at least one per paragraph


  • website: i.e (bbc, n.d.) bbc (n.d.) title of page, retrieved from http:// …

you can use copyright date or last updated date

  • book – one name, two books with same publishing date

(jones, 2006a)   (jones, 2006b)   jones, (2006) title, (2nd edition)

shakespeare, [1682;2003]

Secondary referencing

referenced quote in a book that you want to use

Darwin cited in jones, 2006 – book you referenced goes in reference list (title of reference list should be references

some tutors like a bibliography, a list of reading list you did but didn’t use it in eassy (extra reading)

Images: material used in square brackets [installation] after title of work try to reference the artwork rather than the photographs

Quotations: small quotes – less than 40 words

interegate withing essay in double quotation marks “quote” (p.g 26) include page number if from website put p.g 1 to prove you haven’t forgotten about referencing

Large quotes: indent in paragraph (name, date, p.g 117-118

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