Project ideas

After changing my first plan of a project from observational drawing to book illustration i have thought more about ideas and narrowed them down to creating illustrations for book covers with text such as book titles rather than illustrations that are inside the book. This idea will be a development from a previous project and will include digital based work as part of trying new methods to create images. For the exhibition at the end of the project i was thinking to have created a book that features book cover i have designed and have sketches, drawings and book illustrations without text so the images can be viewed on their own. The presentation needs to be thought about more when the plan of the exhibition space is finalised and what work i am going to include in the exhibition.

The thing i am most concerned about at the moment is if i am able to catch up with my work after having time off from being ill and then spending all of the time when i returned to uni to complete a long essay, i feel that most of my work will be rushed to be able to finish the project in time for the exhibition, perhaps after a while of working on the project again i can judge whether i will need to ask for an extension to make up the time i lost from the project.

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