Notes:Theory for Contemporary Art & Illustration 2nd Oct ’15

Worth 40 credits

Work of 304 hrs

To inform practice; determine & comtextualise own practice

individual study throughout the year, outputs will vary depending on practice

lectures, workshops, group/individual tutorials with tutors 3-4 20mins slots

written & verbal presentations

study 12 hrs per week for this module to rsult in 6000 word essay

Learning outcome: synthesise information, form connections, manage learning

Assessment strategy: 20 mins verbal presentation at end of module

Asessment criteria: ability to analyse, evaluate & discuss directions

Theory Module : the basics

  • proposal to be started 500 words, work on the title
  • essay to be divided into chapters, can be approached seperately
  • Paragraph at end and geginning of chapters relating to own work
  • 6000word study of topic relevant to own practice
  • include quotes, illustrations, bibliography
  • read alot and make notes (research)

what counts as an idea?

-something abstract that might come up in conversation about illustration

-chicago school of media theory; keywords glossary

*go to leeds art gallery – british art shows contemporary artists considered to be top artists today

proposal ideas:

-> time – how we see things to how people in past saw things

-> semiotics – how sign & symbols work as a illustration, how they are used

-> text – how to respond to text in a illustrative way i.e narrative

->authenticity – how illustrators make their work their own; how is their style recognisable

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