Final Year

So for the final year we are assigned to create a final major project of our own choice. We can choose any topic, theme etc that is interesting to us or perhaps improve an idea from a previous project. To start of with i chose to something to do with observational drawing. I wanted to include observational drawing/still life in my work because i am not really that good at drawing something from my mind i prefer to use real objects to draw from. But i needed something else to add to this idea so i started to think about what is interesting to me and came up with how i always like the colours of objects such as turning leaves and clouds at sunset. So i thought to explore how to create work that includes observational drawing, colour and also line.

I started to draw objects that were interesting to me such as a conker shell. I found the shape of the shell interesting with the spikes and colour in contrast to the smoothness and dark colour of the conker itself. And from there i drew different objects and landscapes that fit in with the theme of colour and line.

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