Summative reflective analysis

Responding to the brief of Studio Practice 4: Adaptation, interpretation, appropriation, I decide to the subject of book illustration. This idea came about after exploring the idea of editorial illustrations particularly for magazines and newspapers. However, after a lot of contemplating I decided to use the concept of book illustration after doing a similar project at art college and found it really enjoyable.

I liked the idea of using the theme of fantasy genre book, this is because I wanted to do illustrations where I could create an imaginary world instead of a realistic one and also I read books from this genre where as you read the story you use your imagination. After research of book illustration I started to create illustrations for a story called Little Tiny or otherwise known as Thumbelina. I thought this was a good idea because it’s a short story so I could do lots of ideas with it and it is also a childhood film. However, whilst creating illustrations to go with the story I had an ‘idea block’ where I ran out of ideas of what to do and because of this I became less interested in using this story so I had to come up with another story. Whilst finding another book to base illustrations on I did illustrations that could be used for front covers of books of stories such as Lord of the Rings, following the fantasy genre.

After choosing to use the story Alice in Wonderland I was able to get a lot of ideas so I think it was a good idea to change from Thumbelina which I struggled to create ideas from. I decided to attend life drawing sessions to help me draw ‘Alice’ because the first design of her needed work as well as the other characters so I used photographs as references to look back to so the characters looked more like they should do in regards to looking more realistic rather than in a cartoon style or like they are from a picture book. The illustrations that I have created are purely what I imagine how the story would look like from just reading the story.

I did the illustrations in watercolour because it is my preferred media but also I thought I goes well with the illustrations. From the dry point etching workshops I thought that it works well in terms with the line but with the process of using dry point takes a while to do depending of the complexity of the drawings I decided to mimic the etching style and draw it as an illustration. After completing and finalising the illustrations I had to put them with text so I chose paragraphs from the story that the illustrations match best, for this I use InDesign.

For the Self-directed project I created a logo for a start-up business created by two graduate students who after their masters degree in film and media, wanted to start a film production business but they wanted a graphic designer who would work alongside of them and attend meetings for free. They approached me after asking another designer but the designer refused to do the work for free. I agreed because I previously studied Graphic design and this was my first commission work for a business.

The clients wanted a logo produced based on the theme of wild western. They gave me a brief including their ideas, what existing logos they like and what they want in the logo. They wanted the logo to link to ‘snake oil’ that is an old advertisement with a western style. The main text needed to say Scam Artists Production which is their production name; their business name is Curiouser Curiouser Media and a tagline of “A media cure – all for your production needs. The colour scheme was Purple, orange and brown with black for the font. At weekly meetings I showed them sketches of logo ideas and they gave feedback of what they liked and what could be improved. We also communicated through Gmail, this allowed use to share ideas without having to have meetings, especially when we were busy with other work. After choosing on a final idea of the logo and how the colours should be incorporated I used Adobe Illustrator to create the outline of the logo; this tested my skills of the software because I was only taught the basics at art college but I attended workshops and experimented with the software and gained more skills. To finalise the logo and add colour I use Photoshop and when I finished it I showed the clients who were pleased with how it turned out and suggested that the logo could have texture, they decided on a leather texture so I added the texture on a copy of the logo and gave them both versions so they can use which ever they wanted. This commission work took approximately two months to finalise and complete, this includes having meetings for discussions.

After completing the commission I then looked at other work I could do for the external project. After seeing work by Aniko Kolesnikova who creates elaborate design for journal covers made from polymer clay. It inspired me to try out this material, I have always been interested in creating objects out of modelling clay, so I started making small pendant charms out of the polymer clay.

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