Final illustrations – alice in wonderland

So after deciding to not continue with Thumbelina i chose to continue with Alice in Wonderland. I basically made illustrations that sums up each chapter of the story. The target audience is teenagers so i made illustrations that had elements of a mixture of children book and adult books. To do this i used image referenced to draw characters that are in proportion so they would be more realistic like in adult books and he characters had big eyes and the colours used are bright and bold based from children’s books. The illustrations are made to sum up each of the twelve chapters so i added the paragraph that links with the illustration.

alice pg 1alice pg 2alice pg 3alice pg 4alice pg5alice pg6alice pg7alice pg8alice pg 9alice pg10alice pg 11alice pg12To create these i scanned the illustrations from my watercolour pad, cropped them in Photoshop and added the text using InDesign. Personally i think the illustrations worked out well. I am constantly looking back at my own work and identifying improvements so from these illustrations i think the quality i feel they look to be rushed a little which they were because of the idea change part way through the project.

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