Artist research/intriguing work

One of the sources i uses for inspiration is it is a website that publishes articles that people may find interesting in various categories from photography to history. It includes a lot to do with art such as food art , paper art, painting, drawing etc, that is why i get a lot of my research from the website in the art articles it features artists and their work from around the world using different techniques and media.

Recently there have been articles of artists whos work i enjoy looking at; some artists i have heard and seen of some are new to me. This is one of the new artists i have looked at:

Mensa’s work is about changing the illustrations environment to adapt to the situation. The work incorporates illustrations and real life objects so the illustrations are part of the real world. Some are done by hand others are done digitally.

Flower Gramophone


Naturally Jackson 5

Helping Charmander

Morning in the office

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