Book illustration pieces

Throughout this project i am trying various styles because i found that the style of an illustration can depict what kind of narrative it goes with for example work by Mervyn Peake is linear with cross hatching so you can tell the illustrations were created for a gothic/horror story.

For inspiration i have been looking at Jacek Yerka and Magdalena Korzeniewska; Yerka’s style of work suits Alice in Wonderland well he uses illusion in his work to depict other worlds whereas Korzeniewska’s style is useing darker colours and creating imaginary characters.

Whilst working on pieces for Thumbelina i got less motivated because i couldn’t think of ideas some of the times so i went away from that story and started to create illustrations that could be used as front covers for other stories then went back to Thumbelina when i had a ‘break’ and had time to refresh for more ideas.


Dry point etching experiment

WP_20150317_037[1] WP_20150317_038[1] WP_20150317_039[1] WP_20150317_024[1] WP_20150317_027[1] WP_20150317_028[1] WP_20150317_029[1] WP_20150317_030[1] WP_20150317_031[1] WP_20150317_032[1]WP_20150317_019[1] WP_20150317_022[1]WP_20150317_023[1]

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