WP_20150119_004[1] some of the furniture i drew up to link with the themes spiritual, oriental and Gothic. I didn’t feel the need to explore these ideas as much as other ideas because in the final pieces i wanted a few pieces of furniture because i wasn’t doing a whole room.


WP_20150119_007[1]WP_20150120_003[1]WP_20150120_014[1]WP_20150120_015[1]  Samples of ideas i had for the sub culture of oriental (Japan)

WP_20150119_008[1]   Used a art book featuring artwork of skulls to help design this idea for the theme Gothic

WP_20150119_009[1]WP_20150120_009[1]WP_20150120_010[1]   for the theme spiritual i  have been applying the idea of nature to represent the sub culture. While experimenting ideas i liked the idea of a leaf and feather because they have similarities in how they are formed; they both have line in the middle and have ‘veins’ leading of to the side from it. Then i had the idea of the two layered to highlight the likeliness of each object.

WP_20150120_001[1]WP_20150120_004[1] WP_20150120_005[1]WP_20150120_006[1]WP_20150120_007[1]WP_20150120_008[1]WP_20150120_011[1] Brainstorming was also a big part of the project for creating ideas and writing down research and artists names from book research

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