Final Pieces

final gothicfinal japanese

final spiritual

(Uploaded images may not be good quality as it being jpeg – finals are printed at A3 as a psd file)

These are the three final pieces of Gothic, Japanese and Spiritual sub cultures. In each image there are subtle hints of which represents which sub cultures however i consider the Gothic to be quite obvious, in the Gothic illustration the chair that is positioned to be in the middle of the room is based in the chair featured in the 1931 Frankenstein film i made it so they have similarities, the hint in the Japanese illustration is the wallpaper design has origami birds which comes from Japan and for the Spiritual illustration on the wall is a poster of the symbol of the different chakras that are featured in meditation which many spiritual people practice.

In the designs i have tried to used colours to relate to the sub cultures so dark colours for Gothic, light for Japanese and neutral and natural for spiritual.

The software that i used are Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator was used for creating the patterns and adding colour to them as well as the background colour and Photoshop was used to merge each element together as well as building them furniture that was made using photographs of textures and them being altered (colour, brightness, contrast) and sections selected to construct the furniture (edit-transform-perspective, marquee selection tool, oval selection tool).

I consider these to be successful but rushed due to limited amount  of time(photoshop not responding after a period of time, extensive research) i think they will look better if they were rendered more and look more finalised. As to the concepts i think each illustrations link with the idea of the living space being different then each other because people have their own taste and style and suit their living space to them. In the illustrations i only added tables and chairs so the viewer can imagine which room they could be, there are no concluding elements such as a sink or bed to signify or determine which room they are it is up to the viewer to decide.

The overall idea for this project is creating wallpaper designs that can represent sub cultures. From observation of existing wallpaper designs in homeware stores i found there not many designs that could symbolise someones culture (sub culture in this case) however they are a lot that can suit someones taste and style.

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