Research done for project 2 (part 1)



WP_20141216_022[1]WP_20141216_021[1]A few samples of pages from a Sociology & Psychology book i read about culture and identityWP_20141216_015[1].

One of the many books i looked at as part of research about creating patterns for my wallpaper designs.

Reading list of books i used for research

  • Patterns – (image examples above) an inspiring book for unique designs
  • Wallpapers:a history and illustrated catalogue of the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum – this was useful with the layout of the rooms and how they were decorated to match the wallpaper which helped me understand how to do the final illustrations with decorated rooms
  • An Introduction to Wallpaper – Many helpful designs of wallpaper for inspiration
  • The Papered Wall – Another book that showed inspiring designs
  • Wallpaper in Decoration – also a useful book
  • Off the Wall – showed wallpaper designs in more analytical way
  • Wallpaper Patterns – heavily features different patterns covering all aspects
  • Wallpaper: a history of styles and trends – a interesting and helpful book covering different eras as well as cultures
  • Smart Materials: in architecture, interior architecture and design – the book that i used specifically for looking at interior design

Also i have been using to look at tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator for refresher lessons and learning new techniques to help with this project.


A roller used as a type of lithogram to apply patterns on paper instead of printing


One of the images i found the most interesting

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