main ideas for project 2

Below are the ideas that i have finalised into complete pieces. Due to limited time after extensive research including what is culture and interior design and the habit of Photoshop of not responding after a long period time of use i could only final a few ideas. I think these are successful these three represents sub cultures rather than cultures in general because i thought there a more sub cultures that could be expressed than cultures in general, so the left design is for ‘dark culture’ i.e Gothic. The middle is for oriental culture in this case the design is Japanese inspired and the right is for nature/spiritual culture. In these designs i have tried to use hints to help the viewer guess what sub culture each are; the gothic design the pattern forms a skull which is heavily featured in dark culture that has been repeated and rotated, the japan themed design is illustrations of origami birds origami is Japanese and the spiritual design is a leaf outline with a feather in the centre which are elements considered to be natural. These images have been created in Adobe Illustrator which i do not usually use but this project has allowed me to further my skills in Photoshop has well and improve my work of practice.


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