Studio Practice continued

WP_20141105_007 WP_20141105_005 WP_20141105_004To link with the research of old photographs i came across i thought to try and do illustrations in a style that matches the concept of heritage so i have created these illustrations using a beige coloured stock (paper) and using only black and white pencil crayons. I have expended this by idea by drawing the same illustrations but on cream paper and orange paper to see which works well. I think the beige paper work well as to relating to old photographs whereas the orange is bold and the cream is a bit too simple.

WP_20141105_015To keep with adding colour to the drawings i decided to add a bit of watercolour but not full colour only minimal to keep it simple. I like the simplicity of this and to expand and try something different i dont normally so in my practice is making a stencil of the three illustrations and splatter paint on the paper, this is an experiment but maybe the splatter marks could represent peoples footsteps so the concept could be the trace of people moving through the space of the environment.

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