The above image is a drawing of the canopes that make up the structure inside the Queensgate market which im basing my work on. I really liked the geometry featured here and found it fascinating because we don’t normally look up in a building which i found is the most interesting.


This was an experiment and process of a experiment of lino cuts which i haven’t used before. Mono-printing is a simple process which gives a drawing a stamp-like style. As for the lino cuts they didn’t work out as well as i hoped so i am going to redo them and hopefully they will work.

WP_20141105_016This was more of a collage experiment whether i could further an idea. Also i don’t normally do collages in my work so i wanted to do something to add to my practice. With this idea i see in my mind a image of elements that make the three landmarks i have been looking like such as the statue in front of the railway station and in a calligraphy font above the images the names of the landmarks. The style would be old fashioned to link with my research that i did where i found photographs dating back to the 1920’s of the landmarks.

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