The Thinker

For the new project i already had a few ideas to think about over the christmas holidays before starting the project in the new year.

One of them was The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. With some comments made by people  referring the sculpture as looking like an ape or monkey, so with that idea i thought of how i could do a evolution viewpoint. With two stages of the evolution being the original and the ape/monkey i was trying to think of how to do a modern stage. i first came up with a person slouched sitting at a desk looking at a laptop but i thought it looked too busy so to simplify it i used the original sculpture and added a laptop to make it more modern.


From there i thought of other ways to expand this idea and came up with a way to link with the name ‘The Thinker’ by using images of famous people sitting and thinking.


i am continuing with this idea by using past presidents/leaders to have a political view so it will be a work in progress


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