Alphonse Mucha

I chose to do a art nouveau piece because i have always been fascinated in the style of painting/illustration. After researching different pieces of work what i found what was prominent in the paintings were women were portrayed as innocent by their faces being symmetrical and the colours used were feminine and romantic. Another element was flowers were included to help promote the innocence and purity of the young women. Also the women featured in the paintings were fair skinned so i thought to change these element to have a modern view but whilst keeping with the style of Mucha’s work.




The first thing to do was to chose the media, i had watercolour in mind so i drew out the torso portion of the original piece (above) making it look like the original has possible and using watercolour to try and recreate the piece as close as possible them adding the typical black lines featured in art nouveau. This experiment work out well, i thought the delicacy and softness of the watercolour suited the style so i decided to stick with the watercolour however in the past i have had difficulty using watercolour for skin tone mainly because of mixing the right colours so i used ProMarkers skin tone pens for the skin colour.


After brainstorming different characters i could use i chose three different stereotypes that could challenge the art nouveau style. The outcome (obove) didn’t turn out as i would have thought. It look un-neat and didn’t look as intricate as what i drew before so i decided to do it again and make some changes such as making the frame more ornamental and the body posture to link with the seductive postures from Mucha’s work.

Image->Starting point of the changes which i think look better

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