Identity project – my best work


This was made by using modelling paste you use to create texture with paint on canvas. I consider this as one of my best work because different media is used and its a successful idea.


This is a good piece of work because its unusual and different. The concept of this idea is that you don’t see the persons face, it is always hidden as the person goes about doing a activity (using a library). The person is in grayscale because i thought it would be symbolic to not knowing the identity of this person as if they are not really there. I used charcoal on top of photographs because i was trying to get across that using mixed media is part of my identity to sum up in my sketchbook also to create different texture in the work.


This piece sort of reflects on my Graphic Design studies i did at art college. It would have been a piece of work that i would have done for graphic design which is part of my identity but to make it part of my new identity (illustration studies) i created the work using a fineliner pen. I chose the illustration to show different landmarks to represent different countries of the world and used well known landmarks to symbolise the country’s identity.




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