Evaluation of studio practice 1

At the beginning of the studio practice it was different from how i had to work like at college. Previously i had to go through idea development and need to produce a final piece, whereas the studio practice is about creating ideas that could are quick ideas or could be a final piece. So it was a big transition between creating a few ideas to creating as many ideas as you can.

Project 1 was a good indicator as to what will be expected for higher education. At first it i just thought of generic ideas that link with identity but as the project progressed i was able to create my own original ideas. It was challenging to think of various ways of portraying a identity whether its and person, object or organisation. From the work i consider organisations easier to create identities for because of logos, logos are pleasant to look at and easy to recognise, mostly how everyday products are recognised such as the apple iphone and coca-cola soft drinks. The best work from this project would be illustration of the landmarks and the comic style illustration, both communicate identity and are well thought out.

Project 2 was useful as to working in a group with other people. At first i was worried about the group not agreeing on what work to do but we were able to work well together and define our job roles even with a few communication barriers which were not having contact details and speaking different languages. I would consider our final product as a good piece and well thought out; our concept was links so we decided to use french binding because it was aesthetically pleasing so to link with french binding we used the French language in the title. To link all of the images within the book we made the book a fairytale so all images were made so they could be used in a fairytale book. I think my illustrations in the book work well they have antique feel to them, mainly because of the dull colours, and i think they are successful.

Project 3 made me think more about how our surroundings can influence artwork and how everything can be linked. It also allowed me to consider how things can be put within my work away from the university and studios. The concept was unlimited so i tried exploring the endless possibilities of the liminal. Some work i am pleased with such as the observational drawings whilst other work i feel could be developed further to be successful in communicating the liminal. I consider this project the hardest due to not coming across the subject ‘liminal’ and then trying to find situations that could relate to being liminal.

The experimental drawing workshops are very enjoyable yet challenging. They test the limitations of the workspace and materials that are provided. They also develop your skills as to seeing whats infront of you then translating it on to paper in your own way.

In relation with my illustration practice i need to explore more with different media and materials and start creating digital illustrations and develop my skills.

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