Atoms For peace – Before Your Very Eyes

To me this video as a liminal style to it, mainly because of the movement of the plains of sand which pulsate and move within the space suggesting that it could transform into something else. Which they do change colour and the mans head becomes part of the plains. Then from the plains buildings and roads ‘grow’ but then suddenly collapse and fall apart. A type of vortex then appears and the debris falls into it and the changing colour of plains the form a another world in the shape of a cave where you follow the dark tunnel in the distance. The man then appears trapped in the branches that forms the roof of the cave but in the form of a whole human body suspended and dangling there. Then at the end the structure disappears leaving the man hovering in the air. I also like the title ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ because it links to the constant transformation of the world featured in the video.

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