Manifesto Map

For my contextual studies i chose to research into Sublime Is Now (1984).

Barnett Newman was an artist who was heavily featured in the Manifesto so i decided to create a expressive map where i recreated a piece he did that made him have a revelation.


[Glimpses of Sublime – Barnett Newman]

However with my recreation piece i wrote over the paint with a marker, quotes that Newman said himself about his work.

‘On small canvas stained indian red he placed an upright strip of masking tape, in order to isolate the left from the right and proceed with the painting. Instead, on instinct, he coloured the masking tape orangey-scarlett.

“Suddenly i realised that i need emptying space instead of filling it and now my line came to life”.

“They say that i have advanced abstract painting to the extreme”.

ImageTo recreate the piece i used acrylic on canvas and marker pen. I chose to use this for the expressive map because i thought Newman represented the Manifesto and it would be an interesting way to conclude my research.



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